Monday, December 10, 2012

Not-Your-Geisha at the Salon "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"

The DRESS is named Not-Your-Geisha, the inspiration came from the rich brocade silk textiles worn in Japanese Geisha kimonos.  A modern aristocrat whose appearance suggests a traveler from a far off land made the perfect inspiration.

The set consists of the nail salon parlor and the model was chosen to represent a modern geisha combining sex-appeal with the exotic aura of her artistic makeup. The theme combined with the model  created an empowering look. 


The rich brocade silk,  the fitted bodice, the short length of the dress stylizing it with stilettos and a geisha hairdo & makeup completed the look by dramatizing it with edginess and fantasy, fashioning a look of Modern Monarchy.

Art Director/Producer: Alexa Castillo.
Model: Singer McClain Sullivan.
Hair & Makeup: Erica Adams.
Photographer: Keith Ketchum.
Editor: David Castillo.

Alexa Castillo
Fashion Designer 

 Not-Your-Geisha "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"