Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spider and Singapore Orchid "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"

The VEST is named Spider Orchid and the SHORTS named  Singapore Orchid, flowers found in Imperial Gardens. Inspiration came from Imperial Architecture in major metropolitan cities all over.  A modern aristocratic with  a more edgy theme made the perfect inspiration.

The set consisted of the tattoo parlor, chair, the artist at work and the model were chosen to play the woman that loves to get tattoos and yet; she carries her gaze with attention to the details of her life and glamour knowing how to combine her
edgy and sexy nature.  The theme combined with the outfit  creating a power-house look.

 The rich silk,  the silhouette of the vest and the shorts added sex-appeal; stylizing it with a tank top, booties, up hairdo and smoky eye makeup completed the look by dramatizing it with edginess; fashioning a look of Modern Monarchy.

Art Director/Producer: Alexa Castillo.
Model: Singer McClain Sullivan.
Hair & Makeup: Erica Adams.
Photographer: Keith Ketchum.
Editor: David Castillo.

Alexa Castillo
Fashion Designer

Spider and Singapore Orchid "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"