Saturday, October 13, 2012

Singapore Orchid "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"

The SHORT is named Singapore Orchid, a flower found in Imperial Gardens.  The inspiration came from Imperial Architecture in major metropolitan cities all over.  A modern aristocratic in a casual stroll around town made the perfect inspiration.

The set consisted of a metropolitan white color brick wall mix with the Ivy at a manor and the model was chosen to express elegance. The theme combined with the outfit creating an effortless sophisticated look.  


The rich silk, short length, high-waist and silhouette of the shorts added sex-appeal; stylizing it with a tank top, booties and natural hairdo & makeup; fashioning an edgy look of Modern Monarchy.

Art Director/Producer: Alexa Castillo.
Model: Michal Lauren Cheshire.
Hair & Makeup: Michal Lauren Cheshire.
Photographer: Keith Ketchum.
Editor: David Castillo.

Alexa Castillo
Fashion Designer

      Singapore Orchid "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"