Friday, October 14, 2011

Persian Lily "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"

The SKIRT is named Persian Lily, a flower found in Imperial Gardens.  Inspiration was found in Vampire Stories read in Art and Films from Japanese animation and Hollywood movies.  It is a modern aristocrat look with an edgy theme.

Metropolitan stairs, a colorful mural, a dark ally and the model were chosen to resemble modern vampire films.  We contrasted the theme and the model to set an elegant fantasy in a gritty city block .

Rich silks and romantic laces from the skirt add high quality glamour. The short length of the skirt styles well with the turtleneck, strappy heels, smoky eyes and a swept up back hairdo completing the look by dramatizing it with edgy highlights, making the look of Modern Monarchy.

Art Director / Producer: Alexa Castillo.
Model: Singer McClain Sullivan.
Hair & Makeup: Erica Adams.
Photographer: Keith Ketchum.
Editor: David Castillo.

Alexa Castillo
Fashion Designer

Persian Lily "Design by Alexa CASTILLO"